Top Services: Covering the Greater Bay Area

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County Success

While we are headquartered in Alameda County, you might be surprised to learn that we’ve built in all eleven extended San Francisco Bay Area counties.

And because we’ve been building in these counties for 60 years, Red Top is experienced with the local building codes and particular requirements in your county.

Since we’ve already done work in many existing buildings we can offer you a quick “smart” start to redesign, retrofitting and upgrade projects.

Our workforce has experience with the building department and general contractors in your area. We know the jurisdictions and business managers of all the IBEW locals – allowing us to draw on a local labor pool that is familiar and high performing. That experience allows us to work hand-in-hand with general contractors and other subcontractors as a successful, cohesive team.

Experience at Work for You

We've done our homework. We've made the grade with high marks on local projects. 100% of our electricians are state certified. We average over 20 years of experience and our turnover is extremely low.

That means we can put all that knowledge and experience to work in your county. Our sizeable fleet of trucks and considerable workforce allow us to be responsive to where your projects are. Just tell us where you need us and we'll be there. How can we put our experience to work for you? »