Top Services: Beyond Full Service

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  • Power distribution – indoor/outdoor
  • Electrical systems
  • Integrated power/data systems
  • PLC and motor controls
  • High/low voltage installations
  • UPS and Backup Systems
  • Underground construction
  • Energy management


  • Lighting systems
  • Landscaping/outdoor lighting
  • Parking structures lighting
  • Fine art lighting


  • Data and computer networking
  • Integrated power/data systems
  • Voice and video systems
  • Sound and A/V Systems
  • Access/security control Systems
  • Life Systems (fire and alarm)
  • Underground construction

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Services on-demand 24 hours a day x 7days a week

Top Notch Performance

Red Top offers all the power you need to build with our comprehensive suite of electrical services. Whether you need new systems, redesigns, retrofitting, upgrades or maintenance, we’ve got what you need to keep you wired.

We believe our customers deserve top-notch performance throughout the entire construction lifecycle. That’s why we’re known for our ability to deliver beyond on-time and on-budget electrical infrastructure.

We See More

We look at each project from the owner’s point of view – understanding their vision and what they need. We’re not afraid to ask questions because what we learn helps us remove roadblocks that may stand in the way.

Our team averages more than 20 years of experience. That means we don’t just provide designs that work; our designs work more efficiently and maximize cost savings without lessening the integrity of the project.

Customers rely on our ability to nimbly fine tune without costly design changes. We continually demonstrate that we can make the right adjustments, hit tightened schedules, and streamline redesign to actual business requirements.

Better Practices

We continually monitor and implement emerging construction techniques and electrical systems so we can deliver the best, reliable options our industry has to offer.

We persistently invest in and use technology tools to provide the highest value to our team, partners, and customers. We utilize web-enabled, collaboration software to ensure our entire team is well coordinated throughout the construction lifecycle – whether in the office or in thefield.

We use wireless-enabled tablet PC’s so our entire team has immediate access to design drawings, updated schedules, punch lists, real-time cost tracking and estimating tools. This keeps us highly productive in the field and able to communicate immediately with project owners, engineers, contractors and suppliers.

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