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Red Top Electric

The Power to Build

Red Top is a Bay Area respected contractor with an impressive history of quality and service. Since 1946, we have led the industry in the development of design and construction solutions that address job requirements while surpassing performance expectations. Today, Red Top performs the complete life cycle of construction services sfrom Pre-Construction to Project Completion for an array of Customers.

With over 70 years of dedicated service, we understand our customers are not merely constructing buildings; they are researching and developing new products, and they are creating state of the art work environments. A growing list of general contractors, owners and industry leaders place their confidence in Red Top and count on our expertise to handle diverse electrical requirements.

At Red Top our project managers have complete ownership from start to finish, working directly with engineers and project personnel to make sure that all specifications and schedules are met. Our Mission is to be on time; On Budget and Home safely.

At Red Top you will benefit throughout the project in the form of streamlined coordination, reduced rework & waste, leaner methodologies, less paperwork, faster installations and less risk.

With our proactive approach, you will see increased efficiencies in timing, scheduling and job coordination, which facilitates a smooth project with immediate issue resolution and risk minimization.