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Powering the Bay Area for decades

Red Top is a Bay Area contractor with a history of quality, service, and lasting relationships. As we move past our 75th anniversary, we continue to lead the industry in the development of design and construction solutions that fulfill job requirements while exceeding performance expectations. Red Top provides the complete life cycle of construction services for our customers in a wide variety of industries. At Red Top, excellence means total integration with the client and our partners in order to expand the scope of what is possible. 

Safety is a top priority for employees and clients, alike. Our mission, “On Time, On Budget, Home Safe,” guides every job for Red Top. Through the fear, uncertainty, and anxiety of the Covid Pandemic, we created “Family First,” a program that pulled our team together during this trying time. We did not lay off a single person or cut a single salary. Instead, we continued to value people over profit, reaffirming our staff with our company culture. We are proud to say people tell us this is a great place to work, which is why we do what we do.
On a day-to-day basis we practice proactive efforts with an in-house safety program established to create a safe environment for everyone. Teaching best-in-class practices, eliminating hazards and unsafe acts in the workplace, the Red Top Illness and Injury Prevention Program continues to evolve and grow, along with other efforts.

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Here to keep connecting in every way

Established by Mary K. Curran and George “Red” Curran, who lived over the original warehouse in 1946, Red Top Electric has grown to become a leader in electrical contracting in the Bay Area. Today, the company employs more than 150 electricians and additional workers at our headquarters, generating billions in revenue to date.

Still in the Curran family, Red Top continues to advance with its one-of-a-kind team, united in skill, professionalism, and dedication. General contractors, owners, and industry leaders continue to place their confidence in Red Top while the company continues to grow and innovate in both the electrical industry and civic affairs.

Our process
The best projects are designed to succeed from day one. Our high-quality team ensures an appropriate budget, accurate schedule, exceptional design, and detailed documents get every job off to a strong start.
Red Top Electric provides the highest value through constant investment in and engagement with technology. Web-enabled collaboration ensures coordination for the entire team throughout the construction lifecycle.
Efficient execution and detailed attention to cost allow us to deliver high-integrity constructions. We create healthy environments and improve our community with top-notch performance on every level.
At Red Top Electric, every project is the beginning of an ongoing relationship. Once the job is completed, we provide 24/7 service from our team. You can always expect a quick, professional response.